Ritter, Bennet pull down the white-teeth-flowing-hair constituency

‘Tis the season for year-end campaign donation drives and candidates are pulling out the big guns. Robert Redford sent out a note on behalf of Gov. Bill Ritter today and the Robert Redford of Colorado politics, former U.S. senator and present-day blogger Gary Hart, made a pitch for Sen. Michael Bennet.

Redford says Ritter is legitimately green and is cutting a path toward lasting prosperity. Hart highlights the growing image Bennet is shaping as a non-politician Jimmy Stewart figure among Washington’s career politicians.

Redford clearly isn’t going to bring over any Tea Partiers to Ritter’s side. His value is in spurring lefties and environmentalists to spend against a Scott McInnis rollback to the 1970s, when a state economy soaked in oil and gas profits looked like it would last a thousand years.

robert redford

I’m writing to you on behalf of someone I know and admire, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, as he faces a tough re-election campaign against folks who don’t understand that the New Energy Economy is our surest path to long-term growth and prosperity.

Please join me and support one of America’s “Greenest Governors,” Bill Ritter, by contributing to his campaign today.

Bill Ritter is proving that governments can’t just sit idly and wait for the green economy to arrive at their doorsteps. Governments must play an active role, developing the incentives and public-private partnerships clean energy firms need to get off the ground and flourish.


Building a more sustainable future and curbing climate change can’t happen without leaders like Bill Ritter. And it certainly can’t happen if his opponents, who boast they’d dismantle Colorado’s burgeoning New Energy Economy, start calling the shots.

Writing in support of Bennet, Hart is hammering at the increasing number of nails ringing the Andrew Romanoff candidacy coffin. But who are Hart’s “fellow supporters” willing to double your donations?

gary hart

My twelve years serving Colorado in the U.S. Senate provides a unique perspective in defining an effective senator. Like most Coloradans, I take very seriously who represents us in Washington, D.C.

I strongly support Senator Michael Bennet. And I feel so strongly about keeping him in the Senate that I’m organizing a group of fellow supporters to match your contributions to his campaign before the end of the year.

Contribute today to Michael’s 2010 campaign, and we’ll pitch in to double it.

The best indicator of an effective Senator isn’t merely a media-created image. It is the actual work they’ve done, and the accomplishments they’ve achieved.


We are living in an age of ideology and careerism; those who pander to extreme groups or who search for a vague center in order to stay in office for life.

Michael Bennet is neither. He is among the best of true public servants.

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