Ali Hasan’s magical mystery tour revs up again for state treasurer run

Beaver Creek filmmaker, occasional TV personality and maverick Muslim and Republican politician Ali Hasan semi-officially announced his run for state treasurer in Eagle County Monday, labeling his two Republican opponents for the GOP nomination “fiscal liberals” and slamming current treasurer Cary Kennedy, a Democrat, for investing in companies that took bailout funds.

No mention in brief articles in the two Vail papers Tuesday of Hasan’s original campaign cornerstone of proving a financial model for high-speed mountain monorail, which he put out there when he first discussed a treasurer run nearly a year ago.

Hasan says the multi-billion-dollar mass transit system can be accomplished with little or no tax increase, and he rode that promise to victory in his home county in 2008 when he ran for the state House of Representatives. He lost the other two counties in the district and the overall race, though, and in the end made more headlines for spending an unheard-of $350,000 on his campaign and for numerous bizarre proclamations.

For a full rundown of Hasan’s epic adventure in weirdness on the 2008 campaign trail, check out past Colorado Independent coverage. More recently, Hasan delivered an impassioned defense of Michael Jackson that’s also worth a quick read. And for his fiscal policies, be sure to check him out on the campaign trail starting soon. It’s always entertaining.

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