Hickenlooper announces… only that he’s thanking Salazar for endorsement

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper an hour ago announced… alas, only that he was thanking Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for offering to endorse him should he decide to run for governor. Salazar was at the top of the informal list of likely Democratic candidates that formed in the wake of Gov. Bill Ritter’s announcement yesterday that he would not run for a second term. Hickenlooper was number two on the blog-powered list. Now Hick is number one. Hick says he is still weighing his options with his family.

Of course that’s what he said!

Hick: Don't call him; he'll call you.
Hick: Don't call him; he'll call you.

Hard-boiled political analysts make it a habit never to believe any politician saying anything about thinking something over with or dedicating more time to families. Pshaw!

Ritter saying he was bowing out of the campaign to rework the balance between work and family really meant his polls sucked or he was ousted by the national party or that new revelations were coming soon in the Cory Voorhis / Stephanie Villafuerte scandal, or some such.

Hickenlooper saying he wants to weigh the decision to run for governor with his family means he’s running!

Anyway, here’s the release. At the bottom comes a note to the hard-boiled media cynics to buzz off. Good for Hick. (Because that will give him more uninterrupted time to line up donors and endorsements and so on!)


Mayor Hickenlooper responds to Sec. Salazar’s decision

DENVER, CO ­— THURSDAY, Jan. 7, 2010 — Mayor John Hickenlooper responded to Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement today:

“We are very grateful and honored for Secretary Salazar’s support. Secretary Salazar is one of Colorado’s finest and we greatly admire his public service. This doesn’t change our course. My family and I will take the appropriate time to consider whether a run for governor is the right thing to do.”

NOTE TO MEDIA: Mayor Hickenlooper will make no additional public statements about a possible run for governor until a decision is made.

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