An intentionally sedate McInnis on the Hickenlooper candidacy

Last night 9 News talked to GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Scott McInnis about the fact that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will now be his Democratic Party opponent. McInnis, who has been unpredictably “teeth and claws” in a few media appearances this year, seemed to be working hard to have almost no reaction. Hickenlooper is running as a Democrat, was McInnis’s nonplussed reaction. Respectfully, I wasn’t running against Ritter, he said. I was running against Democratic policies. I’m running to create jobs in Colorado, he repeated. In fact, the vision he articulated sounded just like the one articulated by Ritter and Democratic legislative leaders Brandon Shaffer and Terrance Carroll on the steps of the capitol yesterday at a press conference kicking off the legislative session. The questions now are Who is going to create more jobs? What kind of jobs are they going to create? And at what expense?

McInnis on 9 News after the jump.

Every time McInnis mentions jobs, look for the Hickenlooper campaign to answer with Hick’s business credentials. Hickenlooper has created businesses and jobs. Mcinnis, on the other hand, is merely a “career politician.” How will McInnis answer?

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