State of the State speech: The GOP response

Bill Ritter gave his state of the state address this morning. The Republican response came from Assistant Minority Leaders Sen. Greg Brophy and Rep. David Balmer. They lament the Majority Party’s reliance on tax-and-spend governance. Balmer sees red tape and waste that could be further streamlined. Brophy says the recession presents an incredible opportunity to reform government.

It seems clear that the men view the state legislative session in part as a battleground to fight against the Obama administration and Democratic Congress that has worked to pass major federal policies, such as the stimulus act and health care reform. The first bill introduced by Balmer this week seeks to remove roadside signs advertising construction projects in the state funded by the federal stimulus act. Balmer’s bill doesn’t explain how the effort to remove the signs would be funded nor who would staff the project or do the required administrative paperwork.

Video after the jump.

BROPHY: “These additional [proposed] tax burdens will only further hinder economic recovery. That’s why we pledge to fight against the Democrats’ excessive spending and the erosion of our freedom under the current administration… From the GOP you’ll see fiscally responsible and common sense proposals to cut back government spending, create a rainy day fund and oppose job-killing rules and regulations. Republicans know that with the recession comes an incredible opportunity to truly reform government…”

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