Boyles: Spanish-language National Guard recruitment part of globalist plot

KHOW talk-radio host Peter Boyles Monday agreed with a caller that the National Guard NFL playoff TV advertisements in Spanish were designed to attract illegal immigrants as part of a plot hatched by “globalists” that would somehow undermine the United States or U.S. sovereignty.

The caller angry saw the ads as a sign that “the entire freaking country is being taken over by a bunch of globalists.”

“I think that you are closer than you know,” replied Boyles knowingly. “This is incremental, with method. This has meaning.”

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A New York Times report from last February noted that the American military was planning to start recruiting immigrants with temporary visas, offering them the chance to become citizens in as little as six months. The program is not aimed at illegal immigrants, who are not allowed to join the U.S. military. Recruiting officials told the Times that volunteers with temporary visas would have already passed a security screening and would have shown that they had no criminal record.

There are roughly 29,000 foreign born people currently serving in the U.S. military.

The Spanish-language ads don’t appear to be included yet on the National Guard YouTube channel.

The Boyles transcript:

01/18/10 5 a.m. 

CALLER: Yesterday I’m watching the playoff games for the NFL. And before the game starts there is a commercial for the National Guard. Did you see this commercial?

BOYLES: I did not.

CALLER: God, make me want to throw up. The entire commercial is in Spanish for the freaking National Guard. Hello. My wife and I looked at each other like: “What the hell did we just see?”

BOYLES: That is what you are seeing.

CALLER: Who are we advertising for?

BOYLES: I think at this point you should have it pretty well figured out what is going on.

CALLER: I have it pretty fairly well figured out. I want to keep coming up with some kind of other answer.

BOYLES: Well there isn’t another answer.

CALLER: I mean it just sucks.

BOYLES: No, there is not another answer.

CALLER: I know it. I am just saying it sucks. We shouldn’t be having the National Guard advertising for people speaking Spanish.

BOYLES: Answer your own question if you would: Why?

CALLER: Because we are trying to get illegals in the National Guard. It freaking pisses me off.

BOYLES: And what would be the purpose of doing that?

CALLER: You know that is what really pisses me off. Um, because the only answer that I can come up with are each more seedy… than the last one.

BOYLES: And what are they? Serious question.

CALLER: I come up with: The entire freaking country is being taken over by a bunch of globalists.

BOYLES: I think that you are closer than you know.

CALLER: Everybody is wondering about there second amendment.

BOYLES: No, no. This is incremental with method. This has meaning. The next step and it was interesting over the weekend there was another huge pro–they just call them immigration rights rallies– look I kept a clip. We could fly a missing man formation over Denver, Udall would not be there. Bennet would not be there. But who shows up at a migrant workers rally? Michael Bennet shows up. The once and future Senator. This is a guy who would not show up for any of Ritter shenanigans under the rotunda. You know, when the Looper decides to run. Then he shows up to this migrant workers rally. Michael Bennet shows up calling the immigration system unmanageable. Of course it is unmanageable. All you have to do is build a fence.


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