Conservative activists fan out in Boston fraud-watching the election

David Weigel from our sister site in Washington is on the ground in Boston for the neck-and-neck special election to fill the seat left by deceased Sen. Ted Kennedy, an election that could end the filibuster-proof majority the Democrats now hold in Washington. A GOP victory, of course, would also signal real trouble for the Democrats in 2010, given that Massachusetts has been one of the safest Senate seats in modern U.S. history.

Weigel reports that the mysterious Election Journal blog, which released the infamous video of two bumbling New Black Panther Party members waving nightsticks outside a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 presidential election, is on the scene in Massachusetts. So far, he says, Election Journal hasn’t come up with much. The big stories are that signs for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley appear to be too close to a polling place and that a local community activist was reported to have been “handing out blank absentee ballots”– a falsity pushed by Colorado specialist in half-cocked crazy Michelle Malkin.

Weigel reports that “around 150 conservatives are in town, armed with cameras, looking for fraud, mostly in Boston.” Conservative bloggers and activists, he says, include Eric Odom of the American Liberty Alliance and Ali Ackbar, who did some work for Doug Hoffman’s campaign in NY-23. Odom has told Weigel that there is a lot of focus on the hard-pressed working class Democratic-leaning parts of Boston, like Dorchester.


A #voterfraud hashtag has been popping on Twitter to promote the bloggers’ scoops, like a video of Lawrence, Mass., community activist Isabelle Melendez showing off a copy of an absentee ballot as she explains how she told listeners of her radio show how to use them. Election Journal is pushing the video hard as evidence of “blank absentee ballots being handed out”–an eerie echo over the panic a sample ballot caused during the 2000 Florida Recount. Here’s how active the video is, after being promoted by Michelle Malkin.

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