Dueling political press event day: Caldara versus Romanoff

Today brings two big political press events: Former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is meeting the press at his campaign headquarters sometime just after noon. The answer to the question raised by that sentence is: Yes, Andrew Romanoff is still technically running for the U.S. Senate. At noon, Jon Caldara, head of the conservative / libertarian Independence Institute, will be hosting a rally at the capitol in support of a ballot initiative he is floating that seeks to “exempt Colorado from Obama-Care,” as the Institute’s press release puts it. What are these two men up to, exactly?

Caldara / Romanoff
Caldara / Romanoff

Romanoff was one of the most popular Democratic politicians in the state. Then he decided to run for Senate against incumbent Michael Bennet. Romanoff had been reportedly feeling out the run for months before announcing his campaign. He announced in September… and almost no one heard from him again. His fundraising was less than lackluster. His appearances were few. His rallies lightly attended. His heart seemed not to be in the campaign. Then, two weeks ago, Gov. Bill Ritter let drop the bomb that he had decided not to run for re-election. Speculation began immediately that Romanoff might now run for governor. Then Denver Mayor Hickenlooper announced instead. Will Romanoff announce today that he will challenge Hikenlooper? That he wants to run on the Hickenlooper ticket as lieutenant governor? What does Romanoff want to do with himself?

Meantime, Caldara’s campaign against health reform continues. His “Right to Health Care Choice” initiative would aim to free Coloradans from having to pay for insurance. In other words, Coloradans who don’t presently have insurance or have lousy insurance or have been denied insurance, would continue to have either lousy or no insurance. Liberty! Never mind that Caldara’s initiative would be struck down in court, the same way challenges to previous federal laws such as school desegregation have been struck down.

From the Independence Institute Release:

Free Our Health Care Rally!!

Reagan reminded us that it was the States that created the federal government, not the other way around. When it comes to Obama-care it’s time to remind our state government that the Tenth Amendment still exists.

I hope Colorado will say, “Hell NO, we won’t go into Obama-care!” On Tuesday, January 19 at noon the Independence Institute, with help from State Rep. Cindy Acree, is holding a “Free our health care” rally on the west steps of the Colorado Capitol. This is a chance for the almost two-thirds of us who don’t support this DC mandate to come together and send the Colorado General assembly a simple message: Defend Colorado against Obama-care, or we will do it for you at the ballot box. I want Colorado to become a sanctuary state for private health care. And as the battle over Obama-care moves from Washington to state capitols around the nation, we need to send a very strong and unified message to lawmakers – save our state.

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