State of the Union preshow: Fiscal conservativism and big government

An MSNBC pre-speech warm up features Republican Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, billed as a moderate. The message in the clip below, predictably, is much about how the President should put an end to government spending. Has there appeared new evidence that “growing government” and “increasing domestic spending” at a time when the nation is stretched for investment bad policy? Host Dylan Ratigan doesn’t just gloss over the point, he goes one better. In an interview that seeks to move beyond right and left, he sets up a portrait of right and left that might make Rush Limbaugh blush.

As an effectively fiscal conservative who believes in investment, innovation, hard work, but at the same time understanding the need for some kind of a safety net to deal with the provision of health care and education to the people in this country one way or the other, what do you feel your constituents need to feel tonight?

What serious political platform doesn’t stand on “investment, innovation and hard work”? Ratigan has just framed those basic prized values as “fiscal conservative” (read: Republican) values? And has education now been reduced to a mere “safety net” program?

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