Tea Partiers of the Caribbean: Keyes leads merry band to the Virgin Islands

Former GOP presidential candidate and Tea Party activist Alan Keyes and more than 100 members of America’s fastest-growing political movement are heading out on a seven-day float to the U.S. Virgin Islands. They’re calling their adventure a “cruise for liberty.”

Organizer Michael O’Fallon told CNN the cruise is a chance to “talk politics in paradise.”

“Right now people are wanting to be with other conservatives. Maybe they think they are on an island [already],” O’Fallon said.

Keyes told CNN that the Tea Party was gaining steam because it offers a new option. The whole party system is failing, he said.

Mary Beth Brown, an activist who is calling on the country to impeach the President was one of the featured cruise speakers: “I know all of us need some encouragement to fight this battle, against Obama, who is trying to destroy America. And I know all of you love America and are fellow patriots.”

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