Michael Brown awarded ‘heckuva job’ at KOA radio

Michael “heck of a job Brownie” Brown, the generally accepted incompetent head of FEMA who fiddled as New Orleans drowned under Hurricane Katrina, appears to have amassed the perfect credentials to enter the Colorado right-wing radio talkosphere.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown

Brown, who has been trading shifts with former Congressman Tom Tancredo on KOA evenings, has now been awarded the time slot as permanent host. It’s a nice complement to his new day job at the University of Denver, where he’s teaching a law school class on the Patriot Act.

His students no doubt know better already than to work any political correctness into their Patriot Act analyses.

Brown on Friday ranted about the country’s politically correct culture. Reading from an AP article, he chastised Tiffani Kelly, a young woman offended by a Facebook posting asking Colorado State University students to dress up as Indians for a basketball game against the Wyoming Cowboys.

“So we are going to have a little old cowboy and Indian battle up there on the basketball court?” Brown asked. He berated students, like Kelly, who joined a campus rally to oppose the idea.

These students should “get a life,” Brown said. They should “go back in the class… back to the frat and actually study.”

“Tiffani. Tiffani, are you Indian? Hey Tiffani, does the word retarded bother you? Good grief, people. We are somehow so afraid in this country of somehow being offended. Man we have to get over it.”

Brown answered his own question by continuing to read the article.

Tiffani is in fact Native American and the president of CSU’s American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

The initiator of the cowboy and Indian event has apparently reconsidered and is now asking students attending the game to dress in orange.

“It is out of control. Can we not just get along,” asked Brown. He said that he too had Indian ancestry and would not have been offended by a cowboy and Indian sports-fan show down.

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