Twitter fight: ProgressNow’s Franklin versus Sen. Brophy

State Senator Greg Brophy, the anti-tax Republican warrior from Wray, is tweeting from the Senate floor, where debate continues on whether Colorado should begin to levy sales tax on internet purchases. Brophy hates the idea. His latest tweet is a digital blurt of frustrated rage. Do these “sanctimonious liberals” volunteer to pay online sales taxes? he asks. Alan Franklin from lefty activist group ProgressNow is having none of it. Why should large online retailers be awarded advantages over main street brick-and-mortar operations?

Your legislative debate reduced to 140 character exchanges:

Picture 4

Picture 5

That’s what political debate can look like these days. This is what it looks like in meatspace:

Brophy at work at the head of the Senate (Boven; TCI)
Brophy at work at the head of the Senate (Boven; TCI)

Lawmakers are trying to make up billions of dollars in budget shortfalls this year. In addition to broad and deep cuts in state programs, Democratic lawmakers have proposed raising revenues mostly by eliminating many business tax exemptions. Republicans generally oppose adding revenue to the state’s coffers and have called for across the board program cuts. As Brophy tweets it, Chime in!

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