Wagging the dog: Penry says Tea Party ‘ultimate indictment’ of prodigal GOP

Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry on KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show gave a big shout out to Tea Partiers across the state this weekend, telling them that Colorado Republicans had heard their concerns and would stand together against the revenue-generating business tax-exemption eliminations backed by Democratic lawmakers.


“The Republicans are 100 percent united, and for your listeners– I heard you have a Tea Party in Keller County later today– I believe that the Tea Party is the ultimate indictment of a Republican Party that lost its way. For those Tea Partiers who live in El Paso County and your listening space, you should be excited to know that Republicans are 100 percent united against these things.”

Penry told Crank that he wants to cut the state budget by 1/4 of a percent across the board and not “raise taxes” by eliminating tax exemptions. He said he believes that eliminating the tax exemptions in unconstitutional, despite the fact that the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to the contrary.

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