Domestic terrorist Stack has a Facebook page, with friends and fans

Joseph Andrew Stack, the anti-tax terrorist who flew an airplane into an IRS building Thursday morning, now has a Facebook page. His profile is filling up with comments, becoming a kind of extra-charged version of the comment forums where talk radio-style fans make their anti-government cases, drawing disbelieving critiques and dismissals from non-true believer surfers. “He’s a terrorist!” “He’s a patriot!” “I don’t agree with his actions but I agree with his reasoning.”

stack facebook

The dead man now has 220 friends.

From Bob:

The scariest words in the english language,” I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

The friends and fans, of course, shock commenters like Penee Atkinson:

If this man was a member of the Taliban you would be screaming that a terrorist attack happened on Obama’s watch and that we are at war. But because he believe what you believe you think he is a hero. There is something wrong with all of you.

Et cetera.

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