McCain’s senate campaign opponent unabashedly wingnut

Former Arizona Congressman and right-wing talk radio host J.D. Hayworth makes no bones about embracing the conservative fringe. He is racing against 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain and is bashing McCain as a liberal. Republican voters in the state seem to like it. Hayworth’s poll numbers are up. This week Hayworth sat for an interview at the CPAC conference in D.C. with the John Birch Society-affiliated Liberty News Network.

“There is every indication,” write the Birchers, “that Hayworth’s challenge to McCain in the primary election for the Senate will prompt the four-term incumbent to mute or outright reverse his liberal stance on issues such as climate change, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, gays in the military, and the bailout of banks.”

That may be good for Hayworth in the primary, but Arizona is not exactly Goldwater country anymore. Obama drew very close to taking the state from native son McCain in the presidential election and the state’s increasing number of moderate voters will not relish sending a Bircher to represent them in Washington.


Hat tip to Dave Weigel.

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