Leno guest, celebrity author, Fox News pundit Palin a voiceless victim of media

Sarah Palin and Jay Leno on network television’s dynasty talk show last night commiserated on how they have been attacked by the media unfairly. Palin told Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in front of millions of viewers that she lacked a platform to clarify remarks she made about the “media attacks” launched against her on the sitcom Family Guy.

Palin said her criticism of the “lame episode” of the show “got out there in the blogosphere. It gets out there in the other forms of the mediums we have today and it’s left there. Not an opportunity for me to follow up and kind of elaborate what I really meant and thought of the thing… It’s like that old saying where a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth gets its pants on in the morning. If there were just more opportunity be out there and clarify and just get the truth out there, I think there would be much healthier dialogue.”

This is the woman whose tweet about death panels redirected the national dialog on health reform.

As the blogosphere attackers at Gawker are asking, Does anyone other than Sarah Palin and maybe Jay Leno believe Palin lacks in opportunities to “clarify and get the truth out there”?

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palin and Jay   

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