Malkin’s telephone Tea Party clogs Salazar, Markey’s voice mail, email

Apparently one of the favorite Tea Party pastimes is hanging out with a few thousand of your best, most conservative friends and flooding the voice mail and email inboxes of out-of-state moderate Democrats who may be on the fence about Obama’s health care plan.

That way the actual constituents of such Dems – like Colorado’s John Salazar, CD3, and Betsy Markey, CD4 – can’t get through to them to let them know how they feel, one way or the other.

michelle malkin

According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, CD3 residents on the Western Slope were upset last week that they couldn’t get through to a live voice or even voice mail at any of Salazar’s various offices, perhaps in part due to efforts of Tea Party talking heads like Michelle Malkin on FOX News, who’s been calling for a concerted calling campaign.

“We have a voice mailbox specifically set up for people who want to leave comments for the congressman, but 95 percent of those have been from out of state,” Salazar field representative Gail Gnirk told the Sentinel. “They spill over into everybody else’s voice mail, but I try to go through those every 20 minutes. It’s become impossible to do. I found six conservative Web sites that are telling people to call this office directly.”

It’s the kind of thing likely to draw right-wing activist and suspected break-in felon James O’Keefe to one of the “people’s offices” to see if the phones need fixing.

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