Tea Partying Diggs Brown on global warming: ‘Dinosaurs weren’t driving cars’

Nothing goes over at a Tea Party forum quite like jokes about Al Gore and global warming. National Guardsman Diggs Brown, who is running for Betsy Markey’s 4th District Congressional seat, drew laughs Thursday at the Northern Colorado Tea Party candidate forum in Loveland with his folksy response to a question on climate change. Brown seemed to tap into what everyone on the stage and in the audience of 400 were thinking.

“You know, in my humble opinion, the world heats up, the world cools down, the world heats up, the world cools down. I don’t know if the dinosaurs were driving cars… It just seems to me we can’t hobble our economy with cap and trade and other nonsense like that,” he said.

Regular guy Tea Party candidate Dean Madere then stepped in to finish the thought and round it out with a comic jab at Gore.

“Dinosaurs drove the Tyrannosaurus Rexurgeon (?), I think… and if Al Gore would keep his mouth shot, there’d be a hell of a lot less hot air in this world.”

Howls erupted from the crowd packed into the high school auditorium. Uninterested students streamed out of the wing of the building across the way that houses the classrooms.

YouTube by Taran Volckhausen.

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