Fake-Boehner tweets the apocalyptic dawn of Obamacare America


Congressional Republicans had a lousy night. Obamacare, the grand American socialist experiment, passed. In the months preceding the vote and on the floor of the House last night, GOP lawmakers ratcheted up the end-times rhetoric so high it became hard to determine when they were voicing their own legitimate concerns or when they were doing Glenn Beck imitations or just having fun with the circus. Georgia’s Paul Broun last week danced in the realm of the tragi-comic when he descended into mock Civil War speak, referring to the reform legislation as another “Yankee aggression.” So, when House Minority Leader “John A. Boehner” tweeted that America was now a socialist country and that he was crying himself to sleep, who could be faulted for believing it was the real John Boehner?

The phony Boehner twitter account, “GOPBoehner,” is really artful work. Or it’s all real. You decide:

john boehner

boehner tweet 2

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