Markey YouTube explains and celebrates health reform vote

She may be getting threatening phone calls because of her vote in favor of health reform Sunday, but U.S. Rep Betsy Markey is standing by her vote without a hint of backpedaling. She released a YouTube today that doesn’t even mention the fiscal arguments she has made in the past to explain her vote. In the video, she says she voted for sick people and against health insurance industry bad practices. She even mentions Pres. Obama!

Over the next few years over 95 percent of Americans will have affordable health insurance coverage.

Insurance companies are not going to be able to deny coverage to people who have preexisting conditions or the people who need it most, those people who are sick.

There’s a lot of talk about politics in Washington this week, but I was sent here to Washington to fight for you.

As President Obama said, good policy is good politics. I hope you’ll stand with me in this fight.

Thank you.

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