Bennet turns Denver Tea Party into 1st quarter cash

Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet flashed some of his major fundraising skills Wednesday night, his team churning out an email ask on the last day of the fundraising quarter trading on the controversial Tea Party Express tour rally at the capitol in Denver even as it was underway.

The email subject line: “Turn on you TV”
The first line of the email: “Turn on the local news tonight and you’ll see what we’re up against in this race.”

tea party infested

Turn on the local news tonight and you’ll see what we’re up against in this race.

The “Tea Party Express” arrived at the Capitol this afternoon, after spending the morning in Grand Junction.

Michael is fighting everyday for Colorado’s working families, and he won’t let those who stand in the way of progress block the change that we need.

Please contribute $5 before the midnight fundraising deadline and help us send a message just as loud as any “tea party.”

Today’s “tea party” events give us a good idea of just how tough the election is going to be this November.

That’s why your early support to stand with us to move Colorado and the country forward is so valuable.

Thank you.

The email came with that “infested” photo featuring the entire Colorado Democratic delegation in D.C. along with the President and Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi.

Western states are bracing for a grasshopper infestation this summer. Colorado will likely be spared. It’s ironically the red states to the north— Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas and Nebraska– that face the most serious threat.

Bennet blew away his campaign rivals by pulling in $1.1 million in the final quarter of 2009.

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