GOP Senate candidates Norton and Buck social-network for cash

It’s the last day of the fundraising quarter and Colorado candidates are looking to boost their totals in part by sending web surfers to their campaign websites. The race where the money counts most this quarter is probably the GOP Senate primary race. Tom Wiens is committed to pay his way onto the ballot, but the race is between former Lt. Governor Jane Norton and Weld County D.A. Ken Buck. Norton has pulled down a lot of cash in previous quarters but she has had the backing of big national donors and “frontrunner” status. That all changed on caucus night this month, when Buck squeaked out a grassroots win.

Their fundraising tweets today are characteristic of the campaigns.

Grassroots Buck asks for smaller amounts and includes a url that leads to his Facebook page, from there you have to do some reading to get to his campaign website homepage, from which you have to click the “contribute” button. Way too many steps!

buck tweet

RNC favorite Norton tweeted an ask exactly a week ago that’s more a talking point and the link goes right to her donate page. Smooth. She also doesn’t ask anyone for a mere $5. She asked her digital social network again at around noon today at Facebook.

norton facebook

Last quarter, Buck pulled down an anemic $40,000 and Norton raked in $550,000. Norton told a talk show audience in January that she thought each of the general election candidates will need to have spent roughly $8 million to $10 million by the end of the race.

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