Schultheis revels in the company of god-fearing Tea Party masses

At the Tea Party Express rally in Denver Wednesday, Conservative Colorado Springs state Sen. Dave Schultheis was feeling good. “These are the people I belong with. That’s the bottom line,” Schultheis told the Colorado Independent. “These are people who are for the Constitution, love their country, support high morals and values.”

Schultheis: No country for Air Force druids

Schultheis said he didn’t plan to speak at the rally. No, he said. “I can’t top Tank Tancredo.”

Tancredo, back from a dramatic Tea Party tour of southern Arizona where borderland rancher Robert Krentz was killed by a smuggler, Tancredo reportedl told the crowd it was up to conservatives like the Tea Partiers to return the country to Constitutional governance.

Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, who replaced Tancredo in Congress, also railed against health reform, telling the crowd he was proud to be a member of the Party of No when it came to health reform.

The crowd, which grew close to 1000, according to police estimates, cheered on speakers celebrating the Constitution, Christian values, and their own products: many of the speakers had set up booths where they were selling CDs, T-shirts, books and buttons.

Rapper David Saucedo, AKA Politik, (see video here) drove home the tea party message while he promoted his latest release.

“Everyone of us here today knows that are young people are being attacked by liberals and progressives every day,” he told the crowd.

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