The Tancredo the Twitter knows

Twitter has opened whole new windows into the lives and personalities of our Colorado public citizens. State Sen. Greg Brophy, an avid and playful tweeter, loves his kids and his bikes. State Sen. Schultheis reads mostly wingnut websites, which prod him into embarrassing transgressive tweets. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo employed the Twitter last month to deliver compelling small-scale digital-activist journalism from Arizona, tweeting news of the death of borderlands rancher Robert Krentz and the hunt for his killer. Take a closer look at Tancredo’s Twitter page, though, and you see something else. Question: Is it social networking if you don’t follow anyone else’s tweets?

You gotta hand it to The Tank: he has followers; he follows no one.

And that Tea Party phrase, “Take back your country!” it seems stripped of its euphemistic quality in the hands of Colorado’s high-profile, long-standing, fierce anti-illegal alien warrior.

Yesterday Tancredo tweeted followers about the United Nations’ first request for U.S. records establishing the chain of ownership on a firearm. A National Shooting Sports Foundation release on the request suggests it could lead to erosion of Second Amendment gun rights.

“Another reason for stopping the UN Small Arms Treaty,” tweeted The Tank.

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