Tom Tancredo: Sarcastic twitter blogger

Former Colorado Congressman, anti-illegal alien firebrand, talk-radio host, Republican candidate thorn-in-side Tom Tancredo has taken his long mockery of newly non-mavericked Arizona Sen. John McCain onto the Twitter. It’s rich.

McCain is calling on the Obama administration to send national Guard troops to the border in the wake of the murder of borderlands rancher Robert Krentz and in the face of a hard-right Tea Party primary challenge that has McCain scrambling to shore up his conservative bona fides– something he has been scrambling to do for years now unsuccessfully.

“I am asking you and the administration to immediately reconsider your position and send National Guard troops to our southern border region,” McCain wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

McCain joined with George W. Bush four years ago to support immigration reform that included “amnesty” or a path to citizenship for the roughly 10 million undocumented immigrants living and working in the U.S. McCain won cudos for what many saw at the time as his non-ideological practical approach to the issue. McCain seems to want nothing to do with those kind of cudos now.

“Let the kidnappers keep the old McCain!” says Tancredo.

There seems to be double play at work in The Tank’s Tweet: on the border in Arizona, residents routinely express fear of being kidnapped by drug smugglers and held for ransom. Any of them following Tancredo’s tweets must relish the idea that the fancy senator with too many houses to count who has been lax in defending their homesteads has fallen into the hands of the Mexican cartels.

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