More Buck: Senate candidate draws another endorsement ad campaign

U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck is having a good week. He has yet to announce his First Quarter campaign donation totals but he scored a major endorsement from arch-conservative South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint Tuesday and his chief opponent Jane Norton announced she was essentially surrendering the official contest for the GOP grassroot voters by bypassing the state party convention. Wednesday morning brings news that independent group Americans for Job Security joins the list of outside conservative groups, like the Red State blog and Campaign for Liberty, that have looked at the race and decided Weld County D.A. Ken Buck is the best candidate and not Jane Norton, the one-time frontrunner with family and friends in Congress and at corporate lobby shops in Colorado and DC.

The Washington Post reports that the Americans for Job Security ad for Buck is pegged to tomorrow’s “tax day” Tea Party protests and has cost the group $400,000. It urges voters to call Buck and “tell him [to] keep fighting for taxpayers who’ve had it with big government spending and debt.”

“DC insiders use your money for bailouts and bonuses, while Colorado families struggle. Washington loves tax day. They despise conservative leaders like Ken Buck who stand up to their reckless spending.”

Buck spokesperson Owen Loftus told the Colorado Independent that the campaign feels upbeat about the First Quarter contribution totals. “We feel good. They’re better than last quarter, yeah.” Loftus said they’ll announce the totals Thursday. The 2009 Fourth Quarter totals for Ken Buck were a dismal $40,000. Norton announced she took in more than $800,000 this latest quarter. Estimates suggest that a U.S. Senate race costs between $8 miilion and $12 million.

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