‘Birther’ movement finds evidence in Kenya road sign

The so-called birther movement has gained steam again in past weeks as the story of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin unfolds in capital. Greeley native Lakin is facing court martial for refusing to follow orders because he doesn’t believe Pres. Obama has sufficiently established his U.S. natural-born citizenship and therefore eligibility to be president and commander in chief. Birthers believe that the President’s online birth certificate has been falsified and that the original certificate and other relevant documents such as baptismal records and school certifications have been hidden away from the public. Many birthers believe the President was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii.

Some say there is photographic evidence from Kenya to support the theory and they have forwarded it to the Colorado Independent!

This came Saturday from a reader:

And the text of the email accompanying the photo:

Sign on highway in Northern Kenya, near Sudan border. They know!

It’s another small chapter in the continuing conspiracy theorizing that seems to play both sides: Is this photo (debunked months ago) being sent around by genuine subscribers to the conspiracy or by infiltrators determined to ratchet up the absurd and overwrought and gullible qualities of the “movement,” or both? Surely the people who subscribe to the birther conspiracy know that Pres. Obama’s father, Barack Obama, was born in Kenya.

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