WATCH: Bachmann: Democrats ‘celebrating Oklahoma City bombing’; in November Obama will ‘run over the border’

In Chicago this weekend at an event hosted by the Chicago Tea Party Patriots and the Chicago Republican Party, Minnesota conservative partisan and lightning rod Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hit back at Bill Clinton for saying she had been reckless in calling the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats a “gangster government.” Predictably, Bachmann didn’t back off the rhetoric, she accelerated it and sprinkled it with conspiracy theories about the government’s campaign against Toyota and Obama’s takeover of private industry.

“Clinton gave a speech yesterday at the Center for American Progress… He was talking about the anniversary– now only Democrats would do this– the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing with Timothy McVeigh I mean we don’t celebrate these things. You know, This is not what we [Republicans] celebrate. So he was at this celebration, supposedly, and so he brought me up and he said that all the extremist rhetoric of the 1990s led to Tim McVeigh. You see it had nothing to do with Tim McVeigh, it was just the conservatives. That what the problem was… He said that because I’m using terms like ‘gangster government’ I’m responsible for creating the climate of hate that could lead to another Tim McVeigh and another Oklahoma City bombing. How do you like them apples? So I decided, ‘Hey this could be fun. ‘”

She also said Bush’s $700 billion TARP bailouts gave Barack Obama “walking around money” that he is using to purchase private industry in the United States. She said she “begged Hank Paulsen” not to put through the bailout. If you want a story of bailout nation to today, she said, it’s of the federal government takeover of private industry. The government now owns the largest banks in the country and the largest insurance companies… The federal government now outright owns over half of all the priovate residential mortgages in the Unite States. The government is going to own all the new houses going up.

She also said that because the government owns GM, that explains the negative publicity Toyota is receiving over its vehicle malfunctions. “That’s the competition she said.”

The government outright owns 51 percent of the economy.

She suggested that the 2010 Congressional elections would somehow send Pres. Obama running “over the border.”

“If only we could hold the election right now, this afternoon, right now. President Obama would be out the door so fast. It would be a one-way ticket. He wouldn’t make it over the border. There would be border police, I tell you.”

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