Lunchtime links: Save vets now! A big f-ing deal for Betsy Markey

* Suicide among veterans is an epidemic. More than 6,000 per year. Roughly 18 per day. Neither hawks nor doves care to deal with PTSD. Worse, the Dept of Veterans Affairs is hiding the numbers.

* It’s a big f*%$ing deal for Betsy Markey.

* Not so much for Cory Gardner: Those Palin bullseyes may have backfired.

* It’s 4/20: Marijuana will be legalized but only after old Americans die.

* Democrats can’t find a single GOP co-sponsor for campaign finance legislation.

* Why was GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell for bailouts before he opposed them? Why is he opposed to Wall Street oversight? “Because he’s trying to sound like a populist while he does what he always does: Represent Wall Street’s biggest banks.” Or because he’s “completely dogged in his pursuit of money. That’s his great love, above everything else.”

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