This is not a post about ugly Baptist group that craves media attention

That Kansas-based Christian group that protests at the site of gay hate crimes, U.S. military funerals and pretty much anywhere there might be someone with a camera and a laptop or a microphone and a truck with a dish on top– that group sent about ten people to Boulder today to protest at Sacred Heart elementary school. Sacred Heart is the Catholic school here that booted two kids in March because their parents are a lesbian couple. But the Kansas group hates Catholics as well as gays because, as their signs say, “Priests Rape Boys.” So it was a protest against gay Catholics who booted the kids of gay parents, which tells you how much sense any of it makes, at least by any calculation that doesn’t factor in the need for media attention.

Not members of that Kansas-based Christian hate group (Boulder)

The protest then moved to Boulder High School to begin at the time the kids get out of school. Boulder High isn’t any more gay or Catholic or Jewish or military than any other public high school in America but there were a lot of kids around, which is what was important, apparently. In fact the kids surrounded the group and started playing John Lennon songs and generally treating the Kansas Christians with amused dismissal, which came naturally to the high schoolers, of course, and was really a spot-on perfect response. So lining the street on either side in front of the school were the ten Kansas Christians and about 300 High Schoolers with mocking looks on their faces and a few bourgeois Boulder liberal moms and dads shaking their heads.

“That’s not what love looks like,” one of the parents said to her son. She was serious, he laughed, which led her to shake her head again and then laugh too.

Police said the Kansas Christian group called ahead to notify authorities there was going to be something happening here and that they should come out. As punctuation, the policeman who told me that information turned his palms up, shook his head back and forth and very quickly rolled his eyes back in his head.

Now the group is taking its “God Hates Fags and Jews and Catholics” tour to high schools and temples in Denver. The Colorado Independent will not be covering those “events,” not even with non-posts.

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