Colorado marries cousins but not gays

In Colorado you can marry your cousin. Colorado is one of roughly 20 states in which Americans can legally marry their cousins. As the Tea Partiers might put it: “Yay! Keep your government hands off my marriage.” There are also nine states where you can not marry your cousin but in which your marriage to your cousin that was performed in another state will be recognized. In something like five states now, you can marry your gay lover. But in Colorado and most of the rest of the states where you can marry your cousin, your gay marriage won’t be recognized.

Does marrying your cousin attack traditional marriage? Or is marrying your cousin the most traditional kind of marriage?

In some states you can marry your cousin so long as you’re too old to have kids, because the kids could be genetically mangled. If you’re gay-married, you can’t have kids with one another, at least traditionally, which is why you are seen as attacking traditional marriage. America! Map after the jump.

Red: Cousin marriage ready
Purple: Cousin marriage OK with caveats
Tan: Cousin marriage OK, but do it elsewhere

Mother Jones writer Mac McClelland did the research and made the map.

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