A.G. candidate Garnett takes on Suthers’ environmental record

Boulder Democratic District Attorney Stan Garnett is running against Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and has already raised more money in the month since he announced than has Suthers– not much money but three times as much money as Suthers has raised, roughly $35,000 to $11,000. It’s a small measure of the enthusiasm the Garnett candidacy is generating. Garnett was spurred to enter the race after Suthers joined the GOP lawsuit to fight federal health reform legislation. Garnett appeared with 9News reporter Adam Schrager this weekend. Video after the jump.

In addition to the health care lawsuit in Florida, Garnett is running against some social issue-efforts Suthers has engaged in on, for example, Pledge of Allegiance and gay marriage. Garnett has a strong prosecution record against violet and white collar crime as an attorney and is an tough advocate for the environment. He was lead attorney on the case that converted the Great Sand Dunes National Monument into a national park.

“I think over all, Mr Suthers has not done a good job on environmental issues… Frankly one of the reasons that I’m running for this job is my enormous enthusiasm about the environment and about the state of Colorado… I have fished all over the state. I love this state. John Suthers– and many people aren’t aware of this– in the 2009 budget zeroed-out all of the funds for environmental enforcement. Those funds had to be put back in by the legislature. Environmental enforcement has not been a priority for him . It will be for me.”

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