RedState’s Erickson posts another shout out for Buck

Founder of popular conservative blog RedState Erick Erickson has posted another shout out for Weld County D.A. Ken Buck in the U.S. Senate GOP primary race pitting Buck against former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton. From the captain’s chair at RedState and from his perch on cable news pundit stools, Erickson has become an opinion leader among anti-Washington grassroots fiscal conservatives and tea party groups. Erickson endorsed Buck months ago in the Colorado race and was joined recently in campaigning for Buck by his Senate Conservative Fund partner South Carolina Senator Jim Demint.

“Friends, let me have your attention for a minute,” he wrote Sunday.

We won Pennsylvania by default with Pat Toomey. Same in Florida with Marco Rubio.

We lost in Indiana with Marlin Stutzman, though I hope we’ll see him again within two years.

We won in Utah tossing Bob Bennett — but it won’t be much of a win unless Mike Lee wins the primary.

Along the way, we’ve given little attention to a must win primary — Colorado and Ken Buck.

I know Ken Buck. In fact, of all the candidates I’ve endorsed: Stutzman, Rubio, Lee, Toomey, Haley, etc. I know Ken Buck and his wife the best. We’ve got to get this guy to the United States Senate. Seriously.

I hate to sound like Rush Limbaugh, but don’t doubt me on this one. I think I’ve earned it here just this once.

Colorado and this nation both need a guy like Ken Buck who will unquestionably have Jim DeMint’s back and be not a politician, but an actually normal guy in the Senate — a man without pretension, but with conviction.

Let’s go all in for Ken Buck.

Norton meantime has been struggling. Way out in front in fundraising since she entered the race in September, her campaign’s latest numbers suggest she’s been burning through reserves in her battle against Buck, even as Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Benet has been banking millions to spend in the general election.

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