McInnis open to grand jury investigation of Voorhis imbroglio

Late last week, a federal judge ruled that Immigration and Customs officials were within their rights to fire former ICE agent Cory Voorhis, and do not need to give him back his job.

Monday, KHOW talk radio host Peter Boyles told listeners that both Republican gubernatorial candidates—Scott McInnis and Don Maes—have told him that if elected they would launch a grand jury investigation into Gov. Bill Ritter, Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, and “the entire fiasco, see just exactly what did happen. They’ll have to look at Trailhead and Republican 527s, all of those things,” Boyles said.

Cory Voorhis

It was four years ago that Voorhis was accused of accessing the National Crime Information Center database in an effort to provide then-gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez with inside information that might be useful in his campaign against Ritter.

“If ‘Looper gets in, it will be sanded over,” Boyles said, referring to Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. “But if one of these other jokers gets in… Both McInnis and Maes have said ‘Hey we’ll do it.’”

Boyles said that Ritter and the rest of the politicians involved were all hoping Voorhis would just get his job back, get shipped out of Denver, and the whole story would die. “They wanted him gone, the whole thing goes away, but now it starts all over again.”

Voorhis’ attorney, Thomas Muther, has indicated there will be an appeal.

McInnis’ communications director Sean Duffy confirmed that McInnis had said something close to what Boyles attributed to him, but that he thought it was several months ago.

“It’s mostly accurate,” Duffy said. “Scott has said that if there is evidence of wrongdoing that has not already been investigated, then he will ask that it be looked into.”

Duffy said governors do not actually convene grand juries, but that they can encourage the Colorado attorney general to do so.

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