Lunchtime links: A billowing dark cloud a mile under the sea


This is what it looks like a mile down in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil rushing into the sea like nothing so much as the billowing plume of a coal-fired power plant working at full tilt. The footage was posted by Florida’s Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who is among the most vocal critics of White House plans to expand offshore drilling in the Gulf and along the Atlantic coast.

Colorado got more snow this year, thankfully, but it’s the hottest April in recorded history.

The Indiana family values Republican Congressman is an unfaithful cheat and the Connecticut attorney general Democratic candidate for Senate didn’t serve in Vietnam like he kept saying he did.

Somebody stopped the music. The legislative session has ended and newbie Denver Post blogging is down to a trickle.

This from a few days ago but still relevant in medical marijuana Colorado: The nation’s Drug Czar says out loud in public what everyone knows to be true: that the war on drugs has been a costly failure and it’s time to take a new approach.

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