WATCH: Voter voices from the Republican state assembly

What are conservative voters thinking as 2010 election summer begins? Candidate delegates and campaign volunteers spoke to the Colorado Independent outside the state assembly in Loveland Saturday. Some liked gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes because he’s not a politician. Some liked gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis because he is a mainstream politician. A Ken Buck volunteer cares deeply about “constitutionalism” and the “Judeo-Christian values the country was founded upon.”

Another McInnis supporter is tired of the taxing and the fees and the government overreach. He thanked this reporter and other twentysomethings for working the rest of our lives to pay down the debt he said was being run up by the “nanny state”– that is, by the “helicopter government hovering all over us checking every decision we’re making from, you know, How come I’m too fat? So now I can’t have certain foods or they’re going to tax us.”

“You wouldn’t want a helicopter mom hovering all over you in college. Well that’s what all of a sudden we have here. We have a helicopter government.”

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Taran Volckhausen is a freelance journalist who primarily writes about the environment, politics, and drug policy. His work has appeared on National Geographic, Christian Science Monitor, The Intercept, Mongabay, among others. He is also a former editor at Colombia Reports. Twitter: @tvolckhausen

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