Lunchtime Links: Colorado’s non-mysterious ‘Mr X’ and other bad actors

These links are for those yet to read about “Mr X” the non-mystery man behind the three tax-slashing ballot initiatives meant to starve Colorado government and now at the center of unfolding courtroom drama that calls into question some vital aspects of the ballot initiative process in the state. Will Mr X take the stand? Will he admit to a crude form of witness tampering and intimidation? Will he detail how he secretly authored the initiatives and paid for signature gathering in defiance of the law?

The Colorado Independent relies on the brave reporting of Republican state Sen. Greg Brophy, who tweeted this dispatch from a GOP delegate assembly Friday:

CU Regent and CD4 Congressional candidate Lucero, the man who went after CU prof Ward Churchill and announced his candidacy in CD 4 weeks after Betsy Markey won her seat in 2008, didn’t get 30 percent of the delegate vote this past weekend, which means he won’t make it onto the primary ballot unless he petitions on, which would be a fool’s errand given his anemic fundraising. He has yet to officially withdraw from the race.

And on the Gulf coast there is British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward surveying the gloppy wreckage of his company’s incompetent well-stoppage efforts and shooing away the media.

Anti-”Big Government” Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) joins arch-Democrat James Carville in demanding Big Government help in cleaning up BP’s mess.

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