Florida Independent wraps up oil spill coverage

The recently launched Florida Independent, another of the Colorado Independent’s sister sites, posted a new regular feature this afternoon. Contributor Travis Pillow (That’s his name!) writes up the first of the site’s daily oil-spill coverage wrap ups. Top four stories of the day:

(1) Come to Florida and fish. It’s safe. Really. (2) BP cut business corners that led to the catastrophic gusher and that point to corporate negligence of course but also lax oversight. (3) The leak may or may not have been plugged. We’ll find out this weekend. (4) There may now be momentum for viewing new legislative environmental work as a necessity. The Washington Post reports: “Public concern about the environment has made a sharp upward turn in the weeks since the gulf spill. Unless you’re a Republican, in which case it hasn’t.”

The Florida Independent: Not just for Floridians.

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