Oil spill Thursday news: BP killed ‘drill baby drill’

The Florida Independent posts a great quick and dirty round up of today’s Gulf oil catastrophe news. Florida is calling for a “claims process on steroids” to make BP start paying for wrecking livelihoods. The Coast Guard finally trusts nothing the company says about the oil spill. Very soon Republican politicians may be the only Americans left who support anything like “drill baby drill.” There’s more.

From the Florida Independent:

Bottom falls out of drilling support
Just before the spill, Floridians supported offshore drilling by more than a two-to-one margin. Now we oppose it, according to the latest poll from Quinnipiac University.

In the wake of the Gulf oil spill, Florida voters oppose 51 – 42 percent increasing the amount of offshore oil drilling, a 48-point swing from the 66 – 27 percent support for drilling in an April 19 survey.

A Washington Post-ABC poll finds similar results nationwide, and adds that people tend to blame BP and its regulators.

The new Post-ABC poll reveals a widespread perception that poor federal regulation was at fault in the gulf spill. About 63 percent point a finger at inadequate enforcement of regulations, and 55 percent see an overall weak regulatory structure. Even more, 73 percent, blame BP and its drilling partners for the accident. And the same number are calling the spill a major environmental disaster.

And the way we were:

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