Kuhner and Ackerman on Obama and Bush bad language

Columnist Jeffrey Kuhner writing in the Obama-blasting Washington Times takes media flappery around the President saying he was looking to “kick ass” for the Gulf catastrophe a step further. Kuhner is mortally offended and is demanding an apology from our gangsta president who, he writes, has defiled the “sacred and noble” office of president– an office of course set up intentionally as an American-style non regal democratic post.

Mr. Obama should be ashamed of himself…. Mr. Obama occupies a sacred and noble position entrusted by the American people. His comments convey utter contempt for the office he occupies. This is street-gangster language more befitting a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago than the leader of the Free World

As presidential language monitor, what will Kuhner make of news reported today by the Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman that the 2002 over-the-top Bush “Axis of Evil” speech so disturbed Iranian officials that they released from house arrest “one of the most notorious guerrillas of Afghanistan’s decades of war, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, an ally of al-Qaeda, whose Hezb-e-Islami organization went on to kill numerous U.S. troops and Afghan civilians.”

In Ackerman’s words:

In response to one rhetorical move — co-authored by David Frum, no less — that created an arbitrary category for Iran, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and North Korea, the Iranian leadership hedged its bets on cooperating with with the U.S. on post-Taliban Afghanistan and released a murderer back into the war zone.

The over-the-top bad-statesman speechifying of the Bush years is true “gangsta” stuff. It comes with a body count.

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