VIDEO: Immigration reform protesters arrested in Denver

“Obama, remember we vote in November!” chanted the crowd marching for federal immigration policy reform in Downtown Denver Tuesday. Fourteen reform activists were arrested in an act of civil disobedience in front of the federal court house.

The crowd gathered at Colfax and Lincoln and then marched to court house across at 19th and Stout amid the high-rise office buildings and hotels. The activists were arrested one at a time while kneeling in a line after Denver police issued three warnings to disperse.

The chants were in Spanish and English and centered around frustrations surrounding the lack of progress on immigration reform in Washington.

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Taran Volckhausen is a freelance journalist who primarily writes about the environment, politics, and drug policy. His work has appeared on National Geographic, Christian Science Monitor, The Intercept, Mongabay, among others. He is also a former editor at Colombia Reports. Twitter: @tvolckhausen

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