Doug Bruce undergoes something like being served a subpoena

COLORADO SPRINGS– Anti-tax crusader Doug Bruce, who has ducked more than 30 attempts by the state to serve him with a subpoena in the last weeks, seemed surprised Monday at a ballot initiative hearing here when a man approached him from behind and dropped a folded piece of paper in his lap.

Was Doug Bruce finally successfully served?

Bruce has very publicly evaded requests for records and testimony regarding his involvement in drafting and financing tax-slashing amendments 60, 61 and proposition 101, leading Colorado Attorney General John Suthers to file a motion Friday preparing the way to serve Bruce for contempt of court charges.

The attorney general’s office will have to find Bruce and serve him once a Denver district judge grants the motion. The judge hasn’t done that yet, according to AG spokesmen Mike Saccone, so whatever happened in Colorado Springs today doesn’t at least involve the Suthers lawsuit.

The note exchange came during the final minutes of the Initiative Review Committee hearing on Bruce’s 82-word amendment to consolidate more power to the mayor, another controversial Bruce initiative through which some have suggested he is trying to install a puppet dictator so he can pull the strings.

The man walked up behind Bruce, dropped a piece of paper on his lap and walked out of the hearing. Bruce looked surprised. He opened the note, looked at it closely, then tucked it in his shirt pocket. After a few seconds, he pulled it out again, squinted at it for several moments, and returned it to his pocket.

Calls to Bruce’s home went unanswered Monday.

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