Weigel before he was the guy who resigned from the Washington Post

Reporter Dave Weigel, who has covered the conservative political movement for years, resigned from the Washington Post last week after a writer at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller rounded up emails Weigel wrote to a journalism listserv and presented them as evidence that Weigel isn’t a fair reporter. Absent in that Daily Caller piece was any reference to Weigel’s actual published stories that might have supported the thesis. In other words, there’s a journalism scandal at the center of Weigel’s resignation, but it’s not the one the Daily Caller reported.

Weigel worked at the Colorado Independent’s sister site, the Washington Independent, before he went to the Post. The Colorado Independent was proud to run Weigel’s stories regularly and grateful that he was one of the American Independent News Network’s most prolific contributors. Weigel made a name for himself by delivering fair and insightful and entertaining coverage of Obama-era movements on the right as they emerged and grew.

In light of the mediasphere dust up over Weigel’s resignation, Washington Independent Editor Aaron Wiener rounded up a sample of Weigel stories— stories, as Weiner puts it, “from a time in which Weigel helped define the birther and tea party movements and set a new standard for coverage of conservatives in America.”

The list:

Weigel posted an explanation piece Monday at Andrew Breitbart’s conservative BigGovernment website.

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