Court grants Bruce immunity to speak about ‘Mr X’

The Colorado Springs District Attorney Dan May cut a deal with Douglas Bruce for his testimony in a grand jury hearing on irregularities surrounding three controversial anti-tax initiatives. Bruce stonewalled the court Wednesday, afraid to incriminate himself and subject himself to possible later court actions. Bruce was granted immunity to testify Thursday after being threatened with a contempt of court charge. May said the hearing aimed to get at the facts behind the initiatives not about prosecuting Bruce.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re here to talk about Mr. X.” he said, referring to the anonymous author of the initiatives who instructed witnesses on how to avoid or dilute testimony in the case and widely suspected to be Bruce. “This is about Mr. X, not about my personal life for purposes of embarrassing me in front of 12 strangers.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette has the latest dispatch from the Doug Bruce frontlines.