Norton stumbles over more questions of past lobbying activity

Jane Norton’s murky past as a possible lobbyist continues to haunt her as the former Colorado lieutenant governor tries to curry Tea Party votes in her primary fight for the GOP senatorial nod with Weld County district attorney Ken Buck.

In the wake of revelations earlier this year that Norton previously worked for Medical Group Management Association “monitoring” healthcare reform proposals – although never as a registered lobbyists – Norton now finds herself answering questions about her tenure in the early 1990s with AARP.

The Colorado Statesman recently did a wide-ranging interview with Norton in which she touched on that tenure, although in very uncertain terms. highlighted the (in their words) “curious exchange”:

Statesman: Did you used to work for AARP?
Norton: I did, I did.

Statesman: What did you do for them?
Norton: I was — gosh, what was my title? Oh, that was so long ago. I’m sorry, can I get back with you on that? I can’t even remember what it was.

Statesman: I don’t think it’s on your bio. Is there any reason for that?
Norton: No, no.

Redstate then digs up a 1998 Denver Post story claiming Norton served as “executive director, Office of Strategic Relationships, and director, Office of State Government Relations, AARP/Vote legislative representative, 1993-94.”

And for good measure throws in a Business World quote of Norton’s from April of this year: “I have never been a lobbyist. I am not the Washington insider in this race. That would be Ken Buck.”

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