Democrats say Buck ‘can’t be trusted’ after Tancredo flip-flop

Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak Saturday said “Coloradans simply can’t trust Ken Buck” in response to U.S. Senate hopeful Buck’s reversal on former congressman Tom Tancredo’s assertion that Barack Obama presents the “greatest threat” to the United States.

Waak released the following statement to the Colorado Independent Saturday:

“Colorado voters simply can’t trust Ken Buck. Last week in an attempt to hide his extreme views, he told everyone he didn’t believe the president was the quote ‘greatest threat to America.’ Yet, today [Saturday] in front of a group of conservative activists, he flip-flopped and decided the president is. Ken Buck needs to be held accountable for the dangerous agenda he supports and intends to forward in Washington.”

Buck had previously told reporters at a barbecue for his supporters Thursday that he did not agree with his “friend Tom Tancredo” when Tancredo said: “The greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution, the greatest threat to our way of life, everything we believe in, the greatest threat to the country put together by the founding fathers, is the guy who is in the White House today.”

However, during the Western Conservative Summit in Denver Saturday, Buck switched paths, saying, “the other day my good friend and supporter, Tom Tancredo, said that the greatest threat to this country is the man who occupies the White House, Barack Obama. There is a lot of truth in what Tom Tancredo says.”

Other guests Saturday included gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, Tancredo and conservative journalist Michelle Malkin.

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