Dems watching GOP elite to make sure Maes is the man

Despite claims by Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis on his facebook page that he’s staying in the race in the wake of plagiarism allegations, the Colorado Democratic Party Thursday was gunning hard for his primary opponent, Evergreen businessman Dan Maes

Colorado Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak sent out a press release saying that in light of reports that Republican power brokers are looking to insert a candidate to receive Scott McInnis’ votes, Republicans should respect their own democratically elected Republican assembly nominee, Maes, as they move toward the Aug. 10 primary and into the November election.

If McInnis were to drop out, Democratic Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher would have to make the decision on whether to allow a replacement.

Waak said Thursday that while candidates come and go, the integrity of the ballot is important to all parties regardless of affiliation. However, she said she was concerned the Republican Party elite may be trying to circumvent their own party members by inserting a stand-in candidate for McInnis who would receive a McInnis vote if the candidate were to drop out.

“Common sense and a fair reading of the law in Colorado must prevail,” Waak said. “If Scott McInnis steps down, that is his decision, but the Republican Party Assembly has already made clear that Dan Maes is the top-line candidate on the primary ballot and, hence, there is no vacancy to fill.

“We intend to put a big spotlight on what the Republican Party elites and power brokers do to manipulate the primary ballot, including any efforts to force Dan Maes off the ballot. McInnis has shown that he lacks the integrity to hold office. It’s unclear whether Dan Maes has the integrity it will take to say ‘no’ to any back-room political deal.”

According to the Denver Post, Secretary of State spokesman Rich Coolidge said the issue wasn’t on the table yet. “We will make a decision when and if someone gets out of the race.”

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