Report: GOP money pouring in for Maes

Republican gubernatorial candidate and tea party favorite Dan Maes said he has been getting more donations since his rival, former Rep. Scott McInnis, was accused of plagiarizing a series of articles he wrote on water issues for the Hasan Family Foundation and received $300,000.

The Washington Independent alum Rachel Hartman reported the news on The Upshot blog at Yahoo!.

Maes said “traditional Republicans” have begun offering large contributions to his campaign and that key conservatives are coming forward. People are no longer willing to “sit on the sidelines” in the primary race, Maes said.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo and the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) both have distanced themselves from McInnis. Tancredo told Hartman on the race, “We haven’t got a chance under the present circumstances.” But he didn’t like Maes either, saying, “The [Denver] Post has more on Maes than they’ve ever had on McInnis… [Maes] is bad news.” Maes replied that Tancredo should “put up or shut up” on whatever dirt Tancredo is talking about.

The Republican Governor’s Association has pulled out of the Colorado governor’s race, according to KDVR. There were rumors that the RGA would spend up to $9 million in Colorado, but the RGA has canceled fundraising events in Denver and Aspen.

This post first appeared on The American Independent, which later included the following update:

Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the Republican Governor’s Association, tells the American Independent that the story that the RGA is pulling out of Colorado is “false on its face.” He adds, “We remain in the same stance now that we were a month ago, two months ago: to defeat John Hickenlooper.” Murtaugh also says, contrary to the KDVR report, that no events have been canceled.

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