Tuesday Link Dump: Has 4Chan hobbled Gawker?

Gawker called out 4Chan.org’s notorious /b/ message board for singling out an 11 year old YouTuber and posting her personal info on the web. The girl was eventually placed under police protection. The 4Chan users then declared war on Gawker, posting the personal info of Gawker writer Adrian Chen and threatening to take down the Gawker servers. Gawker then taunted 4Chan, saying Gawker and its writers wouldn’t be intimidated. Gawker is now crashed or at least moving really really slowly. The work of 4Chan? If so, it’s the latest cyber battle in the evolving journalism theater. It won’t be the last. Since Gawker is down (or slowed down) start at Google to catch up on the story.

Glenn Beck is going blind, maybe, which might explain why, in ranting against Michelle Obama’s fashion choices as a “disgrace to the nation,” he kept referring to the pants and top she was wearing on the Gulf coast as a dress. Also Bill O’Reilly thinks Beck is an ass.

Frequent and almost always spot-on Journalism critic Glenn Greenwald has had enough of it already! “There’s this strange, self-serving ‘standard’ used by establishment media outlets which provides that while they must credit one another when citing stories that they report, they are free to duplicate or just copy from non-establishment media outlets and can pretend that it’s¬†original or ‘exclusive’ to them.” That’s what he wrote and it certainly has been true up till now. The Colorado Independent for one has very gratefully noticed a recent local shift away from that bogus standard.¬†

Reporting from the heart of the land of spot-on, here’s Brad Friedman on that New Black Panther nonstory.