Wednesday Links: Gardner gives Barton back his BP cash

Fourth-District GOP Congressional candidate Cory Gardner this quarter returned $1000 to Joe Barton, the Texas representative who invests (unwisely) with BP and who apologized to the oil giant for the government’s demand that it set aside billions to make sure it pays for damages caused by the historically mismanaged gulf oil-spill catastrophe. Look for radio host Peter Boyles and Tom Tancredo to mock Gardner for beating another retreat fro controversial Republicans.

Watch the latest salvo in the Bennet-Romanoff air war: Andrew Romanoff doesn’t take a dime of their money! It’s true, not now anyway. (TCI is reporting more on the ad later today, so Romanoffers, hold off on the hate mail, please.)

USDA Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is reviewing the case of Agricultural Department official Shirley Sherrod, whom he forced to resign after FOX news ran with another Andrew Breitbart cut-and-paste hatchet video, where Sherrod, a black woman, is made to appear a white-people hater and abuser of power. Sherrod, disgusted, maybe doesn’t want her job back. She could sue Breitbart for defamation. Better question is whether FOX, Vilsack and Sherrod could join forces in suing him?

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